Below is an alphabetical list of our product manufacturers.
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Aqua Innovations
Reverse Osmosis Systems Carbon Systems
Water Filtration

Biosec Enviro

Biological Wastewater Process

Environmental Clarifiers, Thickeners, DAF’s

Cook Legacy
Passive Intake Screens
Air Burst Systems
Anti-Fouling Jacquelyn Coating

Cornell Pumps
Non-Clog Pumps
Immersible & Submersible Designs
Chopper Pumps

DBS Manufacturing
Drive Units for Clarifiers/Thickeners

Deskins Water
Liquid Solid Seperation Systems

E & I Corporation
E & I Corporation
Catenary Bar Screens,
Traveling Water Screens,
Grit Collectors, Flocculators

Dewatering Systems
Belt Filter Press
Gravity Belt Thickener
Rotary Drum Thickener
Centramax ™ Centrifuge
J-Press Recessed Chamber Filter Press
J-VAP Dewatering & Drying System
J-Mate Sludge Dryers


"Tornado" Directional Aerators
"Hurricane" Aspirators
Diffused Aeration Equipment

Force Flow Equipment
Chlorine Cylinder & Chemical Container Weighing Systems.

Halogen Valve Systems
Automatic Gas Cylinder Valve

Honeywell UOP
XCeed™ Bioreactors

JWC Environmental

Dewatering Screw Presses

Odor Control Systems

Dissolved Air Flotation

Lemna Technologies, Inc.
Lagoon Covers

Merit Filters
Plastic Sludge Drying Bed Media

Mixtec North America
MIxers and Impelars

Nutrient Removal
0 Down Time Disk Filters
Upflow Sand Filters

Pulsco, Inc.
Hydropneumatic Surge and Pressure Control Systems

Rain Bird
Water Filtration Equipment

RPS Engineering

Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Factory Built & Field Erected Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Biological Treatment, Brine Systems, Carbon Absorption & Filtration, Clarification, Classification, Demineralization, Disinfection, DAF's, Filtration, Flocculation,  Grit Removal, Ion Exchange, Membrane Systems, Oil/Water, Physical Chemical Systems, Potable Water, Sewage Pump Stations, Screening,  Sedimentation, Sludge Dewatering,  Softening, Ultrapure Water


Spanns Babcock
Fine Screens, Screw Pumps, Vertical Turbine Aerators

Spartan Environmental Technologies
Manufacturers of Ozone Water Treatment and Advanced Oxidation Systems

Statiflo, Inc.
Statiflo Corp.
In Line Static Mixers

The Tank Connection
Bolted and Welded Steel Tanks, Covers

Universal Blower
Rotary Lobe PD Blower Packages
Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower Packages

Viking Chains
Chain & Flight Collectors
Grit Systems

Warminster Fiberglass Co.
Warminster Fiberglass Co.
Fiberglass Flumes, Weirs & Baffles,
Odor Control Equipment, Shelters

Wastewater Compliance Systems
Lagoon Treatment – Ammonia
Removal using Bio Domes

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